Colorful Hydrangeas: See How to Add Them to Your Landscape

Are you getting excited about getting out in the yard to do some gardening? Our crocus and daffodils are poking through the dirt and it won’t be much longer before it’s time to don the garden gloves and get outside. When it comes to adding color to your landscape, think about how you can use colorful hydrangeas to complete this task.

Blue hydrangeas near a blue garden shed

Big balls of color peek out against the large leaves of the hydrangea, creating a soft, old-fashioned look. Hydrangeas are fairly easy to grow and come in a variety of types and colors, although there are five main types grown in North America. Visit your garden center to see what’s available and then make your choice on what to add to your yard.

These colorful bushes look great anywhere you place them, but here are some landscape ideas to get your creative ideas flowing. First up, plant one next to an arbor to draw attention to this entryway.

wooden arbor with colorful hydrangeas

White hydrangeas are classic and can be used as a foundation planting in front of a house. Here, they soften the railing on a porch.

white hydrangea hedge near front porch

You can also tuck colorful hydrangeas into a large planter and let them cascade over the edges of the wall, with their big droopy heads.

pink hydrangea bush

There’s no denying their beauty along a pathway and they can be used to create intimacy in your garden if you opt for taller varieties.

Beautiful shaded garden path lined with hydrangea and hosta.

Hydrangea bushes make great screening plants, too. Use them as a privacy fence or to hide unsightly elements in your yard, like an air conditioning unit.

Colorful Hydrangeas flowers in a small village, Brittany, France

Don’t be afraid to mix the colors when creating a privacy fence or wall.

Create a privacy fence with colorful hydrangeas

Consider using a large, single hydrangea bush as a specimen plant anywhere in the landscape. My mother was a big proponent of using specimen plants in her landscape. Everything was neat and tidy in her yard.

You’ve probably noticed from these pictures that some hydrangea flowers are round, while others have more of a cone shape. Always check the variety to make sure you know what you’re purchasing. I have a lovely oak-leaf hydrangea in my shade garden whose leaves are just as interesting as its blooms. An added bonus – the leaves turn color in the fall.

white hydrangea used as specimen plant

Use this popular bush to draw attention to a door by flanking each side with a blooming beauty.

When it comes to picket fences, we tend to opt for roses to ramble their way through the pickets. But look how great colorful hydrangeas look peeking through.

pink hydrangea near picket fence

blue hydrangea behind a white fence


  1. So pretty. I have several hydrangeas and love them. Love cutting and drying the flowers. They last a long time.

  2. I have had oakleaf for a long time but bought some limelight this year, can’t wait for them to get bigger. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

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