Discover the Stunning Flowers That Give Joy to Kauai, Hawaii

Last week hubby and I went to Kauai, Hawaii for the first time. Being our first trip to the Hawaiian Islands, it was hard to decide which island to visit. After talking to a friend who’s vacationed at each one, I settled on Kauai, which is also known as The Garden Island. With a nickname like that, how could it be the wrong choice? I wanted to see the stunning flowers and rich vegetation and get lost in nature. Today I’m sharing some of the island’s colorful and joyful flora.

Moon orchids on Kauai, Hawaii


Let’s start with the amazing Moon Orchids, also known as Moth Orchids, but “moon” sounds prettier and more ethereal, don’t you think? Look at the details of these beautiful blooms. Sigh. They have me totally captivated.

Moon or moth orchids in Hawaii


So many striking colors and intricate patterns. It makes you truly appreciate the beauty of nature.

Moon orchids at the Na 'Aina Kai Botanical Garden


Beautiful orchids in Hawaii on the island of Kauai


This flower reminds me of an orchid, but it’s a Mysore Trumpetvine. These blooming beauties sway in the wind, swinging from their branches. It’s a breathtaking moment when your eyes land on them.

Mysore Trumpetvine flower on the island of Kauai


Hibiscus are everywhere on Kauai, Hawaii. From residential yards to botanical gardens. These stunning flowers are big, bold, and beautiful.

Pink hibiscus


yellow hibiscus in Hawaii


This flower is not only cool looking, but it has a cool name – Flame of the Woods.

Flame of the Woods flower


Another beautiful red bloom from Kauai, Hawaii is the Scarlet Passion flower. Everywhere you turn, there’s an intriguing flower or plant that captures your eye.

Scarlet passion flower


I love Crinum Lilies and this Giant Crinum Lily exceeded my expectations. It’s big and dainty all at the same time.

Giant Crinum Lily


You can’t visit Hawaii without seeing a Bird of Paradise. I discovered these stunning flowers in an inconspicuous spot next to a townhome. I hope the owners didn’t mind me trespassing to take this beauty shot.

Bird of Paradise


How cute is this Golden Shrimp Plant? This bloom looks like it has a pair of ears. This was found at the Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Garden. I’ll share photos of that dreamy garden in a future post. You’ll be captivated by it.

Golden Shrimp Plant


The Striped Barbados Lily has interesting leaves that almost match the beauty of the flower itself. It’s hard to miss this bloom when you see it.

Striped Barbados Lily


Our Airbnb vacation rental had several of these Fire Star Orchids in the yard. I’d love to have orchids outside but here in the Chicago area, we have to settle for indoor orchids.

Fire Star Orchid


I hope you enjoyed this collection of stunning flowers from joyful Kauai, Hawaii. We had a great time on our trip and I have more gardens and plants to share with you – coming soon!

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