Discover the Beauty of Spring with the Top 10 Must-Have Flowers

Are you counting down the days until spring? I sure am! Winter is officially over on March 19th and spring gets ushered in on the 20th. On last weekend’s walk, I saw my first robin. I think he’s a little early because we don’t typically see them until mid March. In addition to birds returning, spring sees the emergence of beautiful flowers. Here’s my list of must-have flowers for the spring season.


I kind of feel like this flower is a no-brainer since tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers that come in a variety of colors and shapes. Plus if you time it right, you can have these beauties blooming from early to late spring for a months-long show.

field of colorful tulips - must-have spring flowers


Daffodils are another obvious choice for the spring season. They’re hardy and can grow in most soils and climates. They’re also deer resistant – bonus! Remember to divide your daffodils when they start getting crowded. You can separate them and plant them in new spaces, which is always a great way to get “new” flowers for free.

must-have flower for spring, the daffodil


Since hyacinths are highly fragrant, try to plant them near a window that you can open to enjoy their intoxicating fragrance. If this isn’t possible, you can always cut them and bring them indoors. I find the purple ones to be the most fragrant.

single purple hyacinth


These smaller blooms are typically the first to show in the spring. Where I live, they’ll peek through the snow to show off their pretty color. I remember being so delighted as a kid when you’d see the first crocus. It’s just as exciting as spying that first robin of the season. Crocus are just as determined as the rest of us to get rid of winter!

purple crocus in spring


My father loved irises so they always make me think of him. Known for their striking beauty, they come in a range of colors including blue, purple, yellow, white and orange. They’re also available in an aquatic version that’s perfect for the perimeter of a pond or any place where you might get standing water in the yard.

pink and purple irises


Lilacs are bushes but I’m including them in my list of must-have flowers. I have lavender lilacs in my backyard, but I’d love to add a pink-flowering bush, too. Trim your lilac bushes in the spring when they’re done flowering and you’ll be awarded with even more blooms next year. This is another flower that you can cut and bring indoors to enjoy its heavenly fragrance.

purple lilac bush

Virginia Blue Bells

One of the sweetest flowers in the spring garden is Virginia Blue Bells. This blue flower with tinges of pink is quite amazing. They’re so graceful in appearance and naturalize beautifully. Don’t ask me how, but at some point these charmers made their way from the west side of my house over the to east side of the house – much to my delight. I keep letting them spread. Bluebells are the gift that keeps on giving.

Virginia blue bells in spring

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms grow on trees and are probably the number one reason why people visit Washington D.C. in the spring. The blossoms are everywhere! Known as sakura in Japan, cherry blossoms are a symbol of hope and renewal. It’s a tradition in Japan to enjoy a picnic (called a hanami) under one of these beautiful trees.

cherry blossoms


Dogwoods are another bush known for their showy blooms and vibrant red stems. Cut their beautiful branches and make an arrangement in your home.

Dogwood blossoms


Forsythia is another flowering shrub that gets me excited when I see its bright yellow blooms in the spring. It’s one of the first to flower and its brilliant blooms can lighten the grayest of skies.

floraison d'un forsythia

While there are plenty of other seasonal bloomers available, this is my list of favorite must-have flowers for spring. They’re all easy to grow and will bring you plenty of joy and color for years to come.

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