See a Collection of Favorite White Flowers to Beautify Your Garden

One of my dreams is to create a serene green and white garden using only white flowers to beautify the space. I’ve seen photos of all-white gardens and they’re so pretty. But then I get to the garden center and can’t resist all the colors. But still, I could create a small garden section just for white blooms. Here’s a few favorites that I’d choose.

White Hydrangeas

The classic hydrangea comes in a few varieties, but if you want the bush with large, round blooms, look for Annabelle. It’s the most popular out there and it puts on a dramatic show.

white flowers - hydrangeas along the path


Sweet Alyssum

On the opposite side of the size scale are sweet alyssum. These dainty blooms are super easy to grow and will spread as the summer marches on. Use them as borders in beds or in container flower gardens. They’ll spill over the side creating a lacy overflow.

Sweet alyssum - white


Here’s a sea of white alyssum cascading down a slope next to a waterfall. Impressive, right?

white flowers by a waterfall - sweet alyssum



Yes, they have yellow centers, but daisies are primarily white so I’m including them in this list of favorite white flowers. Plant them in sun and watch them bloom their little hearts out. I need to separate mine this year, which is always exciting because it means you’ll have new flowers in a new place without spending any money.

Shasta daisies


Asiatic Lily

If you don’t have Asiatic lilies in your garden, you need to add some this year. I have a few, in both pink and white. I placed them out by the sidewalk so passersby can enjoy their spectacular beauty and intoxicating fragrance. Plant them in a location that receives at least six hours of sun. This perennial requires very little maintenance and is a show stopper in the garden.

White Asian lilies



I love cosmos. This dainty flower comes in a variety of colors, but the white ones look especially ethereal. And talk about low maintenance – these blooms enjoy hot, dry conditions in somewhat poor soil. It’s amazing that something so beautiful can thrive in soil that hasn’t been amended. Cosmos are also economical because they’re easily started from seeds. Cut them back to avoid becoming too lanky. They’ll become bushier when you give them a few trims throughout the summer.

white cosmos - close up photo



One of the first flowers to appear in spring are snowdrops with their little bell-shaped blooms. These delicate charmers naturalize easily and should be divided every three years. Which means even more snowdrops for the future!

snowdrops - white flowers for the garden


Japanese Anemone

A truly beautiful flower, Japanese anemone is an easy-to-grow perennial. They prefer loose soil and a little bit of shade, especially in the afternoon.

Japanese anemone


White Petunias

If you’re a petunia fan, look for white blooms. They’re refreshing and look great anywhere you plant them, although they do enjoy sun. Pinch or cut them back before they have a chance to get leggy. They’ll luck healthier when they’re forced to bush out.

white petunias



Next up on the list of favorite white flowers is lobelia. Offered in both blue and white, the white ones are a great complementary flower to use in container gardens. Aren’t they sweet looking?

White Lobelia erinus flowers in the garden.


White Roses

We can’t go through a list of white flowers without mentioning the glorious rose. My grandmother had a rose garden in her front yard that she was quite proud of. Meanwhile, in the back of her house was her small field of chrysanthemums that she used for indoor flower arrangements. Clearly, the roses were the apple of her eye.

white roses in the garden


White Lilacs

If you enjoy bush-type flowers, consider white lilacs instead of purple. They’re so pretty and make gorgeous bouquets inside the home. You won’t feel guilty cutting them because the bush produces more than enough blooms to enjoy indoors and out.

White lilac bush


White Flowers in the Water Garden

Pond lovers have white options, too. If you’re an avid gardener, consider the addition of a pond in your yard to enjoy even more flowering possibilities.

Water Lilies

Not only do the flowers of water lilies look amazing, but their round lily pads are the perfect backdrop for these beautiful blooms. One thing I especially love about water lilies is that when the blooms fade, they don’t look ugly. The faded bloom typically descends below the surface of the water. You can then trim it off the plant.

White water lily



Lotus are just as breathtaking as water lilies, but they grow further above the water and have the most amazing, velvety leaves. Did you know you can enjoy lotus even if you don’t have a pond? You can easily grow these in a water-tight container. Be sure to place the container in full sun and fertilize the lotus frequently for optimal blooms. You can do the same with water lilies, too.

white lotus flower in pond
white lotus in the water garden


These are just a few of my favorite white flowers. There are so many more, both terrestrial and aquatic. I hope these choices give you some inspiration for this year’s garden.

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  1. This was a wonderful post. It gave me ideas for some new plantings. The photos
    are incredible and helped me deal with my Spring Fever! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, Jennifer, there is a whole “moonlight” or “midnight” flowering gardens thing going on, lol.
    So, did you know there are people who cannot tolerate sunlight, have to operate only in the dark? A very real genetic condition, where the stories about Dracula, etc came from? My son’s friend worked as a summer camp counselor here in upstate NY at a place dedicated for these kids. We learned so much.
    There are people who create wonderful late night lives, schools, etc for these kids and adults. Just something I am thinking about, although I am a true very early morning person, and have to limit my caffeine, due to BP issues.

  3. Beautiful, love them all and have planted some. Need to get a new water lily for the pond, although the Lotus is so tempting. Maybe both lol. Thank you.

  4. I too have always wanted to plant an all-white garden, but for the same reason as you, I’m always distracted by the beautiful colors, when Spring finally rolls around. Maybe it’s from looking at grey Midwest skies and lingering patches of snow? You have given me some lovely choices to think about for this year, so maybe this will be the year!

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