See How a Koi Pond Creates the Ultimate Backyard Masterpiece

Not so long ago I decided to start this pond and garden blog as a way of inspiring you and showing that your outdoor living spaces can truly enhance your quality of life. I’ve been a gardener since I was a young teen, helping my mom out in the yard and visiting greenhouses together. When I ventured out on my own, I relished creating my owner personal garden spaces. But nothing enhanced my yard and lifestyle as much as the day I was gifted with a koi pond.

I don’t know how I lived without a water garden in my life. The sound of the waterfall, the color of waterlilies, and the joy of keeping fish adds a whole other dimension, turning an ordinary yard into a backyard masterpiece. Today I’m sharing very pretty pond in a nearby town to show just how transformative a splash of water can be. The pond was installed and photographed by Aquascape, Inc.

Backyard koi pond by Aquascape


If you look closely between the lily pads, you’ll see the colorful koi swimming below. Keeping fish in a pond is extremely easy as long as your pond water is balanced and healthy. An Aquascape pond works with nature and is built in a way to keep water parameters where they need to be for fish.

backyard masterpiece with a koi pond


A koi pond, or garden pond, should look as though it’s always existed. A careful designer will mimic waterfalls and pond edges the way they appear in nature. With a pond comes a waterfall, which creates soothing sounds that truly help you unwind and de-stress. I can’t really explain the magic of it, you have to experience it for yourself.

backyard garden pond with waterfall


People (and critters) are drawn to the sight and sound of running water, which is why waterfalls are always a popular vacation venture. Scientifically, waterfalls release negative ions which are proven to calm nerves and improve mental health – yet another reason to enjoy a pond and waterfall in your own yard.

Waterfall cascading into garden pond


Half the fun of getting your own pond is planting in and around it. There are so many types of aquatic plants, like the corkscrew rush next to the waterfall. Rushes can be planted in or outside of the pond; they’re a versatile plant.

Plants by a waterfall


Here a statuary garden angel looks out over the pond with feet dangling in the water.

Garden angel by a garden pond


I love the stepping stones that create a path to the pond. The best yards are ones that take you on a journey for exploring more of nature.

Stepping stones to koi pond


To take full advantage of the water gardening experience, this homeowner enjoys a patio with a firepit next to the pond. The Adirondack chair on the far side creates multiple seating areas so you can enjoy the pond from every viewing vantage.

fire pit on patio by water garden


Ponds can be created with a kit, or you can hire a professional to install it for you. Whichever option you choose, the result will be hours of enjoyment and relaxation in your personal oasis!


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