Delightful Potted Flower Ideas to Consider for This Year’s Garden

We’re halfway through January and if you live in the northern part of the U.S. like me, that means gardening season is still months away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about this year’s garden spaces. To brighten your wintry day, I’m featuring potted flower ideas to consider for 2023.

Tulip container garden


I love the first emergence of spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, crocus, grape hyacinth, and more. What I don’t love is how the flowers look after their done blooming. Planting them in a container, like the whiskey barrel here, makes it easier to dig them up and store them for next year.

Spring Potted Flowers in a whiskey barrel


Container gardens can elevate your flowers when you use a taller pot. A variety of tuberous begonias add fun color to a shady location. I keep this flower pot in the same location every year and the begonias do extremely well and they’re so showy.

Begonia Flower Pot in the shade


Here’s another one that sits by the walkway to my front door. I can’t recommend tuberous begonias enough. They’re super easy to care for and they come in a variety of styles and color.

Tuberous begonias in a cobalt blue flower pot


Geraniums always look pretty in a pot. Group some of your container gardens together for visual impact. That little bowl of succulents can be moved indoors for the winter. If you have any succulent houseplants, be sure to move them outside when the weather warms up.

Potted pink geranium and house leeks


Consider layering your containers. A potted geranium is nestled inside a vintage box for an interesting look.

Potted pink geranium in a vintage box


Don’t forget about window boxes like this sweet example on a pink house with dark green shutters. The best gardening advice I received last year was to put geraniums in my south-facing window boxes. We have a large tree in front so that side of the house is shaded until noon. I didn’t think the geraniums would get enough sun. I’ve tried impatiens but the afternoon heat and sun is too much for them (sunpatiens didn’t work either). But the geraniums flourished! They can take the heat and drought and noon to 7 pm sunlight was enough to keep them blooming their hearts out.

Pink flower box at a vintage home


I need to find a big old worn garden pot like this one to fill with lavender. Love this look!

Potted lavender on patio


Another potted perennial that looks dainty and whimsical is beeblossom grass (also known as wand flower and whirling butterflies). It doesn’t require a lot of care and looks so pretty tucked inside baskets. This charmer is deer resistant so feel free to plant it in flower beds.

White flower baskets


Potted flowers are a great opportunity to test your skill at combining flower types and colors. Just be sure the flowers you choose require the same amount of sun and water conditions, otherwise, there are no rules.

Colorful, late summer flower arrangement


Another idea is to keep the same flower family in one pot, but use variations. I have this worn pot nestled atop a tree stump and filled it with two types of petunias.

Petunia container flower garden


Can’t wait until summer to enjoy flowers? This hanging basket is filled with faux flowers that you don’t realize are fake until you’re up close.

colorful flowers in pot


Do you use potted flowers in your garden? Maybe on the porch, on a patio, or even tucked in between shrubs and trees.



  1. Lantana is another annual that does very well with morning shade then the hot late day sun. I wanted some trailing geraniums last year but couldn’t find them so I plan on looking again this spring. Begonias are my favorite annual and I wish I had more shade. Soon my trees will be larger to give off more shade for them. I saved these for reference.

  2. Thank you for that inspirational post! I have white wand flowers around my light post and I love them there. They look so pretty when the breeze blows.
    Ps. Our N.Y. weather is so crazy that my daffodils are starting to poke up!

  3. Beautiful potted flowers. I have 3 hanging pots on my porch that are mostly shade but one gets some afternoon sun. Hard to find something that does well in all 3 pots. Tempted to try the tuberous begonias. Not sure if they’d be ok in the cocoa mat pots though.

  4. I will have to try and grow some tuberous begonias, they are so pretty. I have some diathus in a wheelbarrow. I also grow petunias in two pots.

  5. I also love the look and ease of tuberous begonias! My original plant is on its fourth winter. Every fall I bring them in (what started out as one plant is now three!), cut them down to the ground, and watch them grow all winter. By the time its warm enough to bring them outdoors, they’ve turned into a beautiful, full plant!
    It was so nice to see all the plants after staring out at the fifteen inches of snow we received in Wisconsin. Spring can’t come soon enough!!

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