The Joy and Beauty of a Garden Pond

Welcome to Pond and Garden, my new site dedicated all things gardening! You’ll find plenty of inspiration about vegetables, perennials, annuals, and water gardening. I love the outdoors and find gardening to be extremely therapeutic. My favorite part of the garden, however, is my garden pond.

Backyard garden pond with koi and waterlilies


The pond replaced this weedy section of my backyard. We never used this space. Ever. Large trees made it hard for grass to grow and an old sidewalk leading to the shed was an eyesore. You can see Muffy, one of our feral cats, enjoying her dinner.

Photo of an unkempt backyard before a pond was installed


And here’s what the space looked like after the garden pond was installed. What a difference! We now spend a bit of time out here every day during the warmer months. I spent a lot of time adding plants in and around the pond.

Small koi pond in a backyard


My favorite are the waterlilies. This pink beauty is called Madame Wilfron Gonnere. It’s a hardy water lily so she comes back every year. You’ll find that waterlilies are sometimes named after people.

Pink Hardy Waterlily - Madame Wilfron Gonnere


This purple beauty is called Violicious. It’s also a hardy flower and comes back every year. Most purple waterlilies are tropical and are like annuals. I was excited to find this hardy variety of such a gorgeous shade of purple. The yellow center appears to glow when the sunlight hits it just right.

Purple Violicious Waterlily in a Garden Pond


Group of purple Violicious waterlilies in an Aquascape koi pond


In addition to beautiful waterlilies, the pond is stocked with a few koi and other fish. Hubby and I feed them in the morning and evening during the warmer months.

Koi pond installed by Aquascape


Here you can see one of my butterfly koi next to a Red Attraction waterlily. Watching the fish swim and listening to the waterfall is so relaxing! If you suffer from stress, high blood pressure, or other health issues, you’ll find that a pond has special healing elements.

Butterfly koi in pond next to waterlily


And speaking of listening to the waterfall, my garden pond features a pretty waterfall that looks like it’s coming out from under the bridal bush.

Backyard pond and waterfall with koi and waterlilies


Watch the video of the fish swimming in the pond with the morning sun:




  1. Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your new blog. A garden blog, almost as much fun as working in the garden 🙂 Your pond and garden are some of the highlights of your blog, and your work with the pond company clearly has given you a depth of knowledge. So glad you added this blog. I wish you the best with it! Leslie

  2. Hi, Jennifer!
    We also had a koi pond put in—over 20 years ago. Love it. A couple of the residents are with us from the very start.
    Can you please tell me your pond’s dimensions? How many gallons?
    Just like southern belles, neither your hair nor your pond can be too big.
    Please let me know. Before I know it, Spring will bring the pond boys back for cleaning.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Galina! My pond is about 11′ x 17′ and holds around 1,200 gallons of water. I’m so anxious for pond season to begin! It’s my favorite part of summer.

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