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An Elegant Garden Tour in New York Delivers a Serene and Beautiful Experience

Who’s ready for a beautiful garden tour? Today’s serene and elegant garden by Westover Landscape Design can be found in New York’s Westchester county. I love any garden or yard that takes you on a journey. Rather than an expanse of grass, you find pockets of gardens and places to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

garden tour of large yardPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


Brick and stone steps climb a flowered slope in the yard to a quaint patio for dining, enjoying beverages, or simply having spirited conversation. Hydrangeas pair with petunias for a cool blue and lavender color palette. A few white daisies also make an appearance.

staircase through a gardenPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


A closer look reveals salvia and grasses. If you don’t need lawn space for outdoor games or small children, covering an entire area with perennials and annuals always looks lush and beautiful. To the right of the patio with the umbrella is a truly unique outdoor living space, which you’ll soon see.

sloped garden with hydrangeas and daisiesPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


I’ve always loved blue and lavender mixed with green. Flowering color options sometimes makes it difficult to make choices when bringing plants home. Working with a color scheme can help eliminate the temptation to get one of everything. You’ll get more impact in your garden by planting in groupings. However, specimen plants that stand alone are equally pretty. So I guess what I’m saying is, do whatever makes your heart sing.

daisies and hydrangeas in beautiful gardenPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


A garden gate encourages a journey through the landscape. It’s hard to resist walking through a charming archway to enjoy another part of this elegant garden.

arched garden entryPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


Here’s the stunning patio and outdoor living area that awaits visitors to a tree-canopied portion of the yard.  A variety of stone work is paired with a wooden pergola that’s framed by large trees. Who can resist the flicker of fire on a cooler summer evening? This would also make a great place to catch up on some summer reading. 

outdoor living patio with fireplacePhoto by Westover Landscape Design


Alcoves in the stone wall flanking the fireplace contain beautiful stained glass artwork. 

stained glass window in stone wallPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


Heading back down the steps, your gaze finds a cozy garden bench to view other parts of the landscape.

staircase through a gardenPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


Whether small or large, a garden should create an experience for the visitor. Whether it’s enjoying the beauty of a single bloom, admiring the landscape as a whole, or noticing the buzzing of bees and butterflies, there’s always something new to encounter.

blue hydrangeaPhoto by Westover Landscape Design


I hope you found a bit of peace and serenity while viewing this elegant garden by Westover Landscape Design.

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