How to Attract Bees to Your Garden: Easy Tips for a Buzzing Backyard

Seeing bees in my garden always makes me happy. These little winged creatures are beneficial pollinators and are key to creating and maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden. Without them, many plants would not be able to reproduce and provide fruits and vegetables. See how to attract bees to your garden by providing food, shelter, and a proper environment to help them thrive.

bees on flower


1. Plant a Variety of Flowers

Attract bees with a wide range of bee-friendly flowers in your garden. Think of your garden as a smorgasbord for bees. Some popular choices include lavender, sunflowers, daisies, cosmos, and clover.

Bees and Flowers Collage - How to Attract Bees


2. Create a Water Source

Bees need water to survive, so providing a small water source such as a shallow dish filled with pebbles and water will attract them to your garden. If you’ve already got a bird bath in your garden, you’re all set! In my case, we have a koi pond in the yard. I’ve planted bee-friendly flowers around the pond.

bird bath in flower garden


3. Plant Herbs

Herbs such as thyme, mint, and oregano are great for attracting bees to your garden. I have a fairly big patch of oregano in my garden and when it flowers, the bees love it. Oregano is a perennial here in Illinois so it comes back every year. The only maintenance it needs is a bit of pruning when it outgrows its space.

Shaggy bumblebee on a flowering oregano


4. Plant in the Sun

Bees are attracted to sunny areas, so make sure to plant your flowers and herbs in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight.

How to attract bees - sunny location


5. Add a Bee Hotel

Provide a safe nesting site for bees and other beneficial insects with a bee hotel. I promised myself that I’d add one of these to my garden this year. They’re not expensive and you can find a variety of them on Amazon.

bee hotel in a flower garden


6. Plant Flower Species in Masses

Make it easier for bees to find your flowers by planting them in large groupings. Choose flowers that like to grow in clumps, such as ornamental onions and Shasta daisies.

Summer blossom of ornamental onions


7. Educate Yourself About Bees

The more you know about how to attract bees, the better equipped you’ll be to create a garden that draws and supports them. Invest in a book about bees to help you learn more about these amazing winged creatures.

Favorite bee books on Amazon

The Bee Book | The Bees in Your Backyard | Bees Make the Best Pets

The Beekeeper’s Bible | Bumble Bees of North America | Beekeeping for Beginners


By following these easy and handy tips, you can create a bee-friendly garden that attracts a variety of bee species. Most importantly, be patient. You might only see a few bees your first year of trying to attract them. I’ve noticed more bees each year since I first started trying to lure them to my garden spaces.



  1. If you want every kind of bee and wasps in your garden plant some mountain mint. The pollinators love it and it’s the first place my grandchildren want to visit in the summer when they come to visit. No one has ever been stung as the pollinators are way to busy collecting nectar and pollen to pay us any attention. As it is the mint family either keep it containerized or plant in an area where you don’t mind it spreading.

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