Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a little over a month away so there’s still some time to add outdoor Christmas decorations at your home. It’s been several months since I last posted here on Pond and Garden, but life got busy and the next thing I knew, summer was over. So let’s try to get this blog back on track, starting with holiday decorations for the yard.

christmas wreath on fence


A live evergreen wreath on the front door is a classic tradition for Christmas and you can never go wrong with this look. Add a mix of evergreens and berries to containers that once held summer annuals. 

Front door with a Christmas wreath and bows.

Potted evergreen trees look fun and festive with ornaments. A snowy day adds to the holiday vibe.

Potted Christmas trees with red and gold ornaments

Use a mix of evergreen garlands and wreaths for your outdoor Christmas decorations. This historic home uses wreaths at the window instead of the front door.

Christmas Porch

I like to add a small Christmas tree on my front porch. Find a taller basket to place it in – especially if the tree needs more height. To get the tree to stay upright, place a large bucket of sand inside the basket and push the trunk into the sand. You might need to cut off a few lower branches to do this.

Vintage Christmas porch

Get creative with outdoor winter containers. Group a variety of every branches and tuck in some berries and pine cones for a holiday look.

Christmas window box with evergreens and pine cones

This gorgeous blue cobalt outdoor container holds evergreens, holly branches, red berries, and apples. A felt star ornament with a tiny bell adds a bit of charm.

Outdoor winter container garden - outdoor Christmas decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations look even better when it snows. Hang a wreath from a ladder – who says it has to go on the front door?

Handmade snowy wreath at Christmas

Use shatterproof balls to decorate outdoor evergreens. They’re inexpensive and won’t break if they fall from your tree or bushes.

Green, white, and gold ornaments on snowy evergreen bush

Have fun with Mr. Snowman this holiday season. Clip a few branches from an evergreen tree to give him hair!

Snowman with evergreen branches for hair

And finally, if you’re lucky to live in a green and red house, you don’t even need any outdoor Christmas decorations!

Green house in snow

What kind of outdoor Christmas decorations do you put up for the holidays?


  1. Oh the snowman is adorable…and the green house is perfect on it’s own. We try to do some warm white lights outside on our porch with real greens in the pots but keeping up with all the neighbors thousands of lights isn’t my thing..I like a quaint soft lit home …but it’s fun to take a see what others are doing and enjoy a drive around town.
    Simple decor this year as it’s just us. I just want warm and cozy!

  2. Very rarely have good snowman making weather here in N.C. but if we do I will definitely use some pine branch hair. So cute. Plan on making some fresh wreaths and containers but will wait till the 2d week of Dec. My birthday is the first week and will be out of town. I like to look for ideas for decorating our house while traveling ,come back refreshed and get busy getting ready for Christmas. Today I need to finish packing up fall decor and doing some deep cleaning.

    1. If it were me, I’d take them down when the weather isn’t too frigid. Most people remove their Christmas decorations by January 15th.

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